Immersive Design Masterclass

A four-session masterclass on using immersive design, a process integrating simulation and advanced design methodologies to create elite systems, spaces and technology. Led by Drs. Chris Hicks and Andrew Petrosoniak, founding partners at Advanced Performance.



“Ensuring senior leadership is there to see the decisions before they sign off on them”

“The interactive nature of the session was fantastic as well as how out was tailored to our projects”

“So many ideas … the idea of the tabletop simulation from draft plans”

“Spend time in the problem space to help outline why and what you are trying achieve”


Grounded in theory, illuminated by engagement.


-Define Immersive Design and how it differs from simulation for health professional education

-Understand methodologies to support Immersive Design work, including design sprints, pluralistic walk-throughs and “fireproofing” system crash tests

Picking the right tool for the right job.


-Define functional task alignment as it relates to choosing simulation modalities for Immersive Design

-Describe the various simulation modalities available to support Immersive Design projects, including mock-ups, table-top exercises, in-situ simulation and virtual/augmented reality

-Create a playbook for selecting the right simulation modality to best address the design question at hand

Understanding the connection between people and things.


-Demonstrate core strategies and techniques for debriefing Immersive Design exercises

-Recognize how debriefing for systems, spaces and technology differs from simulation in other contexts

-Identify how to translate Immersive Design debriefings into meaningful and useable data

Bringing your innovation to life.


-Marginal gains: Using Immersive Design to show small wins that open the doors to major positive change

-Identify what metrics to collect, and how to use them to drive change

-Describe how to use Immersive Design outputs to influence decision-makers and overcome late and non-adopters